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  • gbjdfios214 gbjdfios214
    gbjdfios214 gbjdfios214 has just signed up. Say hello!
    • gbjdfios214 gbjdfios214
      Kevin Colquitt Pleeeeeease Admin. STOP the madness already!!! It is getting sooooo old.
      • Wed at 10:49 AM
  • liweisite liweisite
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  • Duane  Norman
    Duane Norman Had a great time at my clinic last week @ Seminole Music & Sound in Seminole, Florida. Played a fabulous Brooklyn kit!!!
    • Tue at 10:28 PM
    • Duane  Norman
      Kevin Colquitt Nice Duane. Glad you had fun on a nice kit!
      • Wed at 10:44 AM
    • Duane  Norman
      Frank C beautiful kit...what would you say the 'sonic' difference is between the Brooklyn and your USA kit? Not sure if this is correct but my understanding is the Brooklyn is maple/poplar/maple as opposed to maple/gum/maple ...
      • 5 hours ago
    • Duane  Norman
      Duane Norman Hey Frank, the Brooklyn kit sounds warm and is very resonant. The USA kits are resonant as well but I think the tones are more defined. Could be because of the die-cast hoops. Both series are great drums!!
      • 3 hours ago
  • lawrencezz lawrencezz
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  • jerry jerry
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  • sdafs w3ew
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  • Ron Murias
    Ron Murias
    • Mon at 8:13 PM
  • Frank C
    Frank C ....a picture of my last gig.. as taken from the parking lot... 
    • July 27
    • Frank C
      Frank C ...i picked up a used (partial) Pearl Rhythm Kit with a bass drum and 12 and 14 tom...The room mentioned they didn't have space for a full kit so I took this out along with my ludwig piccolo snare...It worked out pretty well.
      • July 27
    • Frank C
      Vic Dunston Cool!
      • Mon at 11:00 AM
  • Joseph Elliott
    Joseph Elliott Well, just got back from this year's family vacation.  We spent two amazing weeks in Ireland.  I've been there many times before but this was the first time for my wife and daughter.  The picture was taken on our first day.  It is front of Durty Nelly's P...  more
    • July 26
  • Chip Vayenas
    Chip Vayenas has added a new profile photo.
    • July 25
    • Chip Vayenas
      Chip Vayenas Yoshi's San Francisco, soundcheck July 16, 2014
      • July 25
    • Chip Vayenas
      Vic Dunston Very nice kit! I sometimes leave off my 14" FT and play the set as a 5-pc. It's a different vibe, and I find myself thinking differently.
      Your cymbal placement is almost exactly like mine.
      • July 26
    • Chip Vayenas
      Frank C hope all is well Chip.. I recently picked up the new Mingo CD.. It blew me away.. You guys are incredible.. Tried to catch you when you were in Philly but couldn;t get there...hopefully next time
    • Chip Vayenas
      Chip Vayenas Thanks a bunch Frank, I'm glad you dig it! We will be back in that area shortly in the Fall. Doing some touring with Marc Broussard in the Fall out east,
      • July 27